Early in her college career, Jenny Holland had plans to go into the medical field as a physical therapist. But after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology, she discovered that education was her true calling. Today, Holland is a Full-Service Community Schools coordinator at Letcher County Schools.
Portrait of Jenny Holland
Jenny Holland

When Holland’s father was diagnosed with leukemia, she began looking for work closer to home and found a part-time position as a tutor at the local community college. While there, she discovered her passion for helping students achieve their educational goals. In 2018, she accepted a full-time position as an Academic Interventionist at Partners for Rural Impact (then known as Partners for Education) and joined FSCS in 2023.

“I love the work PRI does and I hope to always be a part of it, advocating for students in Appalachia and rural areas,” Holland said.

In her current role, Holland works closely with family resource staff, supporting student needs, planning family events and programs focused on literacy. Holland says one of her proudest accomplishments is revamping the Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) in Letcher County. FSCS furnished the STLP labs with equipment to enhance hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These valuable tools will prepare students for careers in STEM.

Holland enjoys supporting students on the path to graduation and beyond, and often sees former students continuing their education at Alice Llyod, where she is still actively involved with the campus community.

“The most rewarding part of my job is having kids from the past come up and say they couldn’t have done it without you,” Holland said. “Making a difference and being a safe person.”

Holland plans to continue building relationships with students, advocating for rural education, and witnessing students’ success for years to come.

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