AppC2C’s newest partner, the Thompson Scholars Foundation, is celebrating another year of success and milestones. Among these is the story of Hayden Boyd—a shining example of the resilience, determination and strength found in every TSF scholar. 

Since Hayden was not enrolled in public school and needed a pathway to graduation, Thompson Scholars piloted a hybrid program through accredited online Smart Schools. With this model, Hayden did some work from home and proctored work at Thompson Scholars until he was prepared to take the GED exam. With the invaluable support of Thompson Scholars, and with Brushy Fork Leadership Insititute providing the funding needed for the course fees, Hayden graduated with his GED this fall. A cap-and-gown moment witnessed by a crowd of well-wishers—150 strong—echoed the triumph of resilience. 

Hayden Boyd receives his GED

Reflecting on his journey, Hayden expressed heartfelt gratitude: “This program has influenced my life greatly. Thompson Scholars has set me on a path I otherwise would have never landed on if not for their help. They changed me for the better and held me up when I needed it most.” 

Hayden’s nontraditional journey shows that with the right support system in place, every child can succeed.  

As Hayden sets sail for his next chapter—college—the TSF community stands firmly behind him, excited to witness his continuing journey. Hayden is an inspiration to students at Thompson Scholars, throughout Appalachia, and beyond. Join us in congratulating Hayden on this remarkable achievement! 

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