Our Work

We take a place-based, cradle-to-career approach to ensure that all youth in rural places succeed, starting with kindergarten readiness and continuing to a fulfilling career.

Our Model

Through place-based partnerships, PRI implements programs, supports local leaders, shifts state and local policy, and increases funding to move population-level outcomes in rural places.

PRI builds rural capacity & infrastructure to strengthen leaders, organizations, and schools in under-resourced rural communities by supporting the development of civic infrastructure and increasing access to proven practices through trainings and technical assistance.

Working with partners across the country, PRI accelerates equitable systems change by advancing a national rural agenda, increasing public and private funding for rural places, and expanding research on what works in rural America

The Appalachian Cradle to Career Partnership

To achieve equitable life outcomes for all youth and children in the eight-county southeastern Kentucky Promise Zone, five regional nonprofits aligned to create a cross-sector backbone partnership. We adopted a results-centered, place-based, cradle-to-career plan. Learn more about our region, our partnership and our ambitious plan here.