Key Strategies – Academic Case Management

We are working to ensure all students are academically proficient. One strategy is to focus on attendance, behavior and coursework interventions. Utilizing a Caseload Management system students are selected based on prior year test scores in Math and Reading, and in the 2017- 18 school year, there were 457 participants.

The Story

Students were selected for this program if they achieved high Apprentice scores on K-PREP in 2016-17. These students received targeted services from academic interventionists based at our partner schools.

Of the 457 caseload students, 206 had K-PREP scores in both years of this study. As a comparison group, 523 students were analyzed. These students had similar characteristics including Apprentice scores in 2016-17, but were not selected for the program.

Relative to the comparison group, students on caseload moved into Math Proficiency at a statistically significant higher rate, and a greater proportion of these students achieved growth on their K-PREP Math assessment.