Promise Neighborhood

Promise Neighborhood supports a continuum of services for youth from cradle-to-career. Knox Promise Neighborhood and Perry Promise Neighborhood partner with schools and community-based organizations to provide workshops, public health initiatives, community safety programs, and educational support for all children – from birth to age 24 – within the Neighborhoods.

Learn more about Knox PN’s results with virtual academic support and family engagement service and check out the 2019 Annual Report and the 2019 Year-End presentation to get a broader view of this and other work done in the Neighborhood’s Barbourville Independent, Corbin Independent and Knox County school districts.

See how Perry PN’s holistic approach to school and community improvement is succeeding in Perry County through health initiatives, community safety programs and educational supports that are helping more students graduate from high school and earn post-secondary degrees.

Our Recent Data

Knox PN School Climate Report

Knox PN Literacy Survey

2019 Perry PN Summary